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If You Wear Out Your Body, Where Will You Live ?


Jenasol Penile Muscle Enhancer An Amazing Pleasure Pill, That will Increase The Size Of Your Penis, Bringing You  From Mr. Average To Mr. Big -

You Can Penetrate your partner's with full Glory !!!

1 Month Supply

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The Number 1 Penile Muscle Enhancer   Simply Because It Works!

At Least Your Wildest Fantasy Can Come True

You Can Penetrate your partner's with full Glory !!!

At Last Your Wildest Fantasy Can Come True!


Penile Muscle Enhancer

Can help you enjoy:

  • The Excitement and Power of a Larger Penis

  • More Pleasure During Sex!

  • The Ability to Satisfy Your Partner Like Never Before!

An amazing pleasure pill that will increase the size of your penis bringing you from "Mr. Average" to "Mr. Big"!

Did you know that the average penis size is less than 6 inches, when erect...

...Well, imagine having an extra inch or two

-- You Can!

Even Better -- it's Safe And 100% Natural.

One of our customers recently thanked us for our Libido Activators, but he said he was still missing something.

" I just felt I wasn't big enough. I could sense my partner felt something was missing. She wanted that deeper feeling, just a little more, and I just didn't have it."

With that thought in mind, we decided to research a formula to give our customers that extra something --

Yes! A bigger penis!

Let us tell you about the amazing formulation that will make a difference for you and your partner.


In our 38 years of experience, we have learned how to harness the following remarkable herbs and ingredients in a "magical" way. The perfect blend of 17 Amino Acids with complimentary herbs and special supplements, to add inches to your penis -- Naturally.


Better sex and a stronger body--that's the promise of L-arginine, the natural form of aginine, an amino acid. It works by increasing blood flow to the penis so that erections are longer, thicker and last for a greater amount of time when engaging in sex. Several studies have also shown that amino acids (such as L-arginine) can increase sperm count. There are 17 amino acids, specifically those combined in this formula that are best known for their abilities to stimulate the production of growth hormone, which instrumental in building muscle. So with the proper amino acid complex, men are able to build muscle, naturally and increase blood flow, adding size to their penis.


This hormone-like compound can smooth lining and allow for "inflammation" exactly where and when it is needed most, during sex. Blood flows easier and in greater amounts when penile tissue is smooth and inviting, allowing for growth even when the penis is in a flaccid state. Prostiglandins in your daily regimen may enhanced localized "swelling" for sustained growth to the penis.

Saw Palmetto

In men over 40, Saw Palmetto gets to the root of the problem by controlling hormonal changes which stimulate enlarged prostatic growth. One of the first issues sexually healthy men face is lack of penile muscle growth. A condition known as benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) can inhibit libido and any potential for natural growth.


Not only has sarsaparilla been long touted as an aphrodisiac, but sarsaparilla is also recommended to boost hormone levels. When hormones such as testosterone are soaring through a man, his muscle mass naturally increases, adding to the penile muscle, as well. As we age, our levels of growth hormone decline, which some experts believe is responsible for muscle wasting and atrophy. The belief is that the lack of growth hormone can cause muscle loss, then replenishing growth hormone will enhance muscle gains.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is an amino acid supplement that is a favorite of body builders and athletes. Vigorous excercise, including sexual activity, depletes the muscles of your natural supply of creatine. Creatine Monohydrate supplements help to reenergize tired muscle cells, allowing for bigger, greater mass. Creatine is also well known to improve stamina and increase strength. In Europe, creatine is also being studied as a treatment for muscle atrophy that can occur as part of the aging process. A study in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition has shown that people taking creatine monohydrate supplements develop better muscle tone.


Another natural boost for the body's level of testosterone, Androstenedione is prized by body builders for bigger muscle mass and fast growth. It is known as a testosterone-boosting agent, that has all the benefits of higher testosterone levels without the adverse side effects of actual hormone replacement drugs.


DHEA is also a natural hormone that is abundant in our bodies during adolescence well into our 20's. But as we age DHEA drops. In studies conducted at the University of San Diego, researchers reported a remarkable increase in physical and psychological wellness for both men and women. The youthful, energetic feeling experienced when supplementing DHEA is a byproduct of the other growth benefits DHEA has to offer.


Hops is used in products that maintain and enhance breast size for women. The same premise may be found with Penile Muscle Enhancer, a fuller, thicker penis.

Jenasol Penile Muscle Enhancer is the Only formula that has All these nutrients and more to support every step of sexual enjoyment. Plus the advantage of that extra size!


67% of women say they are unhappy with their lover's penis size. There is no need to find yourself wondering anymore. With the proper nutritional support you can be a more confident lover, satisfying your partner every time.

This remarkable, all natural product contains Amino Acids, Herbs and ingredients associated with improving the size of your penis up to 2 inches!

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take three caplets daily.

Serving Size 3 Caplets

Amount Per *% Daily Value
Amino Acid Complex (Whey Protein Isolate) cystine, glycine, histidaine, tyrosine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, mothionine, alanine, arginine, sarine, lysine, threoninne, isoleucine, phenylaianine, valine, proline 900 mg. **


Prostiglandins 60 mg. **
Saw Palmetto Extract 4:1 60 mg. **
Hops 120 mg. **
Smilax Oficianalis (sarsparilla) 75 mg. **
Creatine Monohydrate 30 mg. **
Androstenedione 15 mg. **
DHEA 15 mg. **

** No USRDA has been established

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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